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In order to support our community we have created a free Black Owned Business Directory with over 3000 company profiles and growing. We hope to bring economic wealth into our communities so we may be able to provide for ourselves and family.

Advertise Your Business

Advertising your business on our featured business feature comes a package deal. We promote your business by placing your business on our featured business section, along with promoting it daily all our social media outlets for an affordable monthly fee.


Shoot a commercial for your business

We create affordable 30 sec commercials for small businesses. We have a range of packages that are reasonable. These commercials can be used online on, on your website or on television on your local community broadcasting station. It is said that “Nothing is more efficient than creative advertising. Creative advertising is more memorable, longer lasting, works with less media spending, and builds a fan community…faster.”

Product Review

We provide product review. How that works is that you send us your product and one of our experienced product testers will review your product, write a review and/or vlog the outcome on our youtube channel as well as send you your own copies.

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