In The Memory of Black Wall Street
ncmquintet2 - Copy
The North Carolina Mutual Quintet, Led by Bessie Whitted, last on the right.
This site grew from the disenfranchisement of a people. For too long, African Americans have been spending money without it finding its way back into the community. This has to stop. Legislation has not changed, our circumstances have not changed. If there is no change in black lives why continue to support an outside economy that does not value us?
Our contributions, black owned businesses- our existence is diminishing. With no loans and big corporations, we are a dying breed. We need to do things differently. A wise man once said; to do things the same expecting different results is a sure sign of insanity. We are not insane.

We are people. We are Americans. We deserve better, and in honor of those that have sacrificed their lives for a better way of life, like Black Wall Street, we will own ours -or die trying.

– From the Founder’s Desk

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